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What is Positively Balanced?

Positively Balanced was founded by Cassandra McCoy MAT, ATC, LAT with one goal in mind: to help improve the health and wellness of women everywhere and bridge the gaps seen in their care. Today, Cassandra works with women who are currently pregnant, postpartum or recovering from injury. The non-profit branch of Positively Balanced is called the Be HEaRd Women’s Health Platform. This platform strives to bridge the gap in women’s health by providing resources, education and conversation to all women.

Be HEaRd Women’s Health Platform

Financial Health

Intellectual Health

The Choices that could Transform your Child’s Life

The Choices that could Transform your Child’s Life

Lifestyle choices are sometimes overlooked as the choices that they are. Local customs influence laws by setting a social standard. Some choices are effectively eliminated whenever the social norms become so ingrained that anything counter causes fear or distrust in the larger public. The restriction might then become prohibitive at the legal level.

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Mental Health

Occupational Health

Finding My Way

Finding My Way

by Mary Holtrop I started this article several different times and each time as I got towards the end I ditched it.  I suspect the reason is that everything for me right now, sounds so...

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Physical Health

Sexual Health

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