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What is Positively Balanced?

Positively Balanced was founded by Cassandra McCoy MAT, ATC, LAT with one goal in mind: to help improve the health and wellness of women everywhere and bridge the gaps seen in their care. Today, Cassandra works with women who are currently pregnant, postpartum or recovering from injury. The non-profit branch of Positively Balanced is called the Be HEaRd Women’s Health Platform. This platform strives to bridge the gap in women’s health by providing resources, education and conversation to all women.

Cassandra McCoy MS ATC LAT

Cassandra McCoy MS ATC LAT


Cassandra McCoy MS, ATC, LAT is the founder of Positively Balanced LLC, a women’s health athletic trainer and health expert in Collinsville, Oklahoma

As Oklahoma’s only Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer who is specialized in prenatal/postpartum care and rehab performance exercise, she focuses on utilizing the best rehab exercise techniques and whole body science based methods to providing her patients with a comprehensive approach to transforming their health. Her mission is to help women transform their health and empower them to live their most fulfilled life.

Cassandra is a full time ATC at Advanced Orthopedic in the physical therapy department with outreach to a local high,  Collinsville High School.  She is also an adjunct professor at Tulsa Community College where she teaches Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology.

When she isn’t empowering women or working, she is playing with her son and husband outside, gardening, cooking, and teaching movement classes.

Be HEaRd Women’s Health Platform

Financial Health

Intellectual Health

Utilizing Montessori at Home

Utilizing Montessori at Home

Since so much of the mind set of Montessori goes beyond, learn ABCs and do Math, there are many ways to teach your children in the home that do not involve “Teaching” materials of any kind. Have your children cook dinner with you, or if they are big enough, let them plan and cook an entire meal themselves. Your everyday life can be full of learning experiences.

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Mental Health



SERIES PART 1 by Sara Herell Lovely readers, I’ve tried to write this piece FIVE TIMES at the very least. I can’t even remember how many others I’ve started that are just waiting to be loved on and...

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Occupational Health

What a Pain in the Neck!

by Erin Ging MS, LAT, ATC, CES,CEAS Like many Americans, and people all over the world, we have found ourselves working from home.  Working from home is awesome right?  Pj bottoms, food...

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Physical Health

Sexual Health

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Social Health

Invite Her

Invite Her

By Jessica Wilkerson CPT, PN-1 Recently I discovered an account on Facebook and Instagram called Sister, I Am With You and the initial post I read hit me hard!  I couldn’t find the original...

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Spiritual Health