Monthly Programming



  • Monthly HYBRID support—You are no longer on your own. I will help you find the workouts you need and send you a program to help you meet your goals.
  • With monthly customize programming, I will tailor 3 workouts each week to get you where you want to be, keep you from getting bored with you workouts AND give you the variety your body needs to prevent plateaus and injury.
  • You meet with me IN PERSON every other week (so that’s 2 live trainings) to help you dial in your exercises, get guidance and more.
  • With the monthly programming option, you have access to a new software to help you have easier access to your workouts and videos PLUS access to me for additional guidance through the month.
  • EVERYONE gets a free 30 minute consultation with me to set up goals and the framework for your 2021 health goals and program. So that means you get 30 minutes to ask me whatever you would like and get help making 2021 the best year yet, with  professional guidance you need to make sure it is done right!