The Fundamentals Series


I’m excited to share something exciting with you that I believe can transform how you recover from injury, heal postpartum and fundamentally understand your body!


Are you tired of of leaking pee when you walk down the stairs, jump on the trampoline or pick up the groceries? Have you been wanting to get back into exercise but are afraid to reinjure your body or do something wrong? Are you ready to elevate your body awareness and overall health? I believe that you can return to what you love IF YOU LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS. And I mean truly everyone—from those with 2 kids in college, to those who just had a baby 6 weeks ago, to those who just injured their shoulder for the 3rd time in a row and are uncertain of where to start back. I am here to bridge the gap and help you get back to your life and doing what you love. 

You’re invited to come and learn with me. I have the tools you need and the experience and the credentials to prove it. By bringing you the tools, information you need and then practicing the fundamentals, I know we can work together to transform your health and the way you think about your body.


This is a guided 6 week series including:

  • Access to the series content for life
  • 4 modules focusing the the transformative PBIT Approach
  • 1 bonus module over nutrition for healing and performance
  • Specialized workout schedule that includes 4 workouts per week
  • LIVE Q&A sessions (also recorded and published on your course platform for you convenience)
  • The Starting Line Postpartum E-book
  • Access to the exclusive Fundamentals community
  • EXCLUSIVE TO THIS COHORT ONLY- 2, 1 hour consults with me at the beginning and end of the series in order to customize the experience to you and help you achieve your goals.



Register today for the price of $129. Don’t miss your chance to transform your life and move your health forward in ways you never dreamed.

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Want to join us for our Fundamentals Series beginning in May? This series is for anyone wanting to rehab/connect with their pelvic floor, diastasis recti or prolapse, this 6 week program will get you movin and groovin in your body again!



2 1 hour consultation in person or
over video to discuss your personal
situation & goals ($150 value)


Starting Line Postpartum E-book ($15 value)


Access to The Fundamentals of Exercise After Baby course for life ($169 value)


Workout schedule with 4 workouts per week ($300 value)


Online community support, where you will find on demand questions answered and weekly live workshops with access for life. ($60 value)

Over $700 of content


ONLY $129 !!!!

This is for May cohort only, the price will increase for THE SEPTEMBER Cohort to $299.

Here is a sneak peak into Module 3 of the series!!

Here’s what people are saying about the Fundementals series:

About the modules:

I like how you set them both they’re not too long and you teach the concept well but also show the practical use. I have noticed a few things that were painful a few weeks ago are no longer painful.


About the workouts:

These workouts were so effective! I never thought I’d be able to do what I’m doing without pain.

Rebecca S.

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