The Starting Line Postpartum


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Are you a new or current mom who is trying to get back to exercise yet you don’t know how to start or why you are experiencing certain things in your body postpartum? Then this book is for you!
This 74 page E-book is full of everything you need to get started on your healthy journey. In this book we cover, what you have been through (your story), what you are experiencing (your symptoms), common concerns, the solutions and how you can find your starting line postpartum. The first steps to your postpartum transformation are waiting for you in these chapters! ORDER YOUR E-BOOK IN AUGUST AND RECEIVE A FREE BONUS NEW MAMA MOVEMENTS RESOURCE! This free resource has 15 exercise with video tutorials that you can start at anytime postpartum!
This book was written to help new moms understand what is going on in their body and wants to start getting active again postpartum! This book can help when navigating those first few months postpartum; however, it can be used anytime postpartum, from 5 days to 15 years!
The goal of this E-book is to provide a digestible resource to help educate you, as a mom, and assist in starting conversations between you and your healthcare providers.
This book helps moms understand how to find their Starting Line and get back to exercise postpartum!
Additionally, this book was written  to educate women on common concerns and solutions they can use to address those concerns.
After reading this book, you will have the knowledge and confidence to begin your transformation postpartum!
Be empowered as you toe up to your starting line postpartum today!