Cassandra McCoy Guest Contributor Positively Balanced Conversations

Positively Balanced Conversations: Healing from Trauma for Midlife Women

With Cassandra McCoy MAT, ATC, LAT & Janice Haganshiggns

Join us for a Positively Balanced Conversation as we discuss ways to address trauma with Janice. Janice is a former nurse and counselor who owns and operates Healing with Janice, where she helps any woman that’s suffered from trauma heal and thrive!

A bit more about our conversation:

  • Trauma can effect us in many ways.
  • It helps to talk through the process with a knowledge and relatable health professional
  • Take away: We forget we have the power within us and that we can bring ourselves back to the present to reach our dreams!

Want to learn more about Janice and connect with her? Find her here:

  • Facebook: Healing with Janice Where she hosts free trainings, challenges and post weekly support just for you!
  • Here’s a personal invite from Janice: “I have a free live training on Wednesday this week. If you want to access you will need to join the free private FB group Healing with Janice or they can send you an email at”