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Interviews and Discussion of Women’s Health and Sex Postpartum

by Cassandra McCoy MAT, ATC, LAT, RYT with Guests Dr Corey Babb; OBGYM, Rachel Warner MAT, ATC, LAT; Jessica Wilkerson CPT, PN1; Keli Kirwin Postpartum Doula.

Sex postpartum is an area of concern for many women. With the process of labor, challenges postpartum such as injury or lack of sleep, and the added layer of the emotional/mental unknown, sex can be intimidating. Sex, among other women’s health concerns, is exactly what this interview with Dr Corey Babb OBGYN is about. Join in that conversation here:

After this interveiw, a few of the Be HEaRd Contributors discuss a variety of labor/postpartum experiences. Join us as we discuss our personal experiences, professional knowledge and just have a down to earth chat about the real things that help postpartum. Join us here:

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