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How I am surviving the coronavirus pandemic

By Isabela Collins ATC

No one ever expected this. I would never have thought I would have to see my dear friends lose their jobs and file for unemployment before the age of 25. I never thought my senior athletes’ would see the field for the last time after a regular season game in mid March. No one could have prepared for this. Now we are living our lives like we have never had before, having more down time than we need or want, (hopefully) isolating in ourselves that we are bored to tears.

Thankfully, I still have a job and am working 4 days out of the week. BUT my lifestyle, like most of you, is turned upside down. It is hard to change and adjust to a routine you are used to. But instead of complaining about it and fighting it; i am accepting it for what it is and adapting. Instead of taking my cut hours at work as a bad thing, I am going to look at it as a blessing in disguise. I am going to be optimistic and try to seize this moment as an opportunity.  In my opinion, I think it is best to try to keep your day as productive as possible to try to avoid any negativity and bad thoughts that come to mind when I am just sitting around. Here are some tips and tricks I have been using to survive each day. 

Now that gyms are closed in Florida, we have to resort to staying active at home. Personally, this is extremely hard for me because it is so hard to stay motivated. Working out alone gets pretty boring but staying on top of my workout routine is extremely important to me. I think getting active a little bit every day will help increase and uplift your mood. Get outside and walk/run/bike around the block or find a quick youtube workout video.

To fill in the spare time I have, I decided to pick up a new hobby: gardening. I have always wanted to start my own vegetable garden and have my own supply to cook with, but with my busy and crazy work schedule, I always found an excuse to put it off. I am using this time to my advantage to start something new and fun! It gives me new excitement each day to watch my plant babies grow and gives me a sense of accomplishment. 

Now, I am not saying each day will be great and full of opportunity. We will have down days, but it is how we deal and react to them that will determine the outcome. From my previous article, I mentioned Camp Kulabunga, they have been great with providing us with resources through their Instagram (@campkulabunga) to get us through these tough times. (Read my previous article here: .)I really took into one of their workshops where they mentioned setting affirmations each day. That even though we are going through a rough time, we are still alive and present. We need to connect and have peace with our inner self, change your narrative to celebrate each day. 

Following these 3 simple tips have helped me stay (somewhat) sane throughout this quarantine. This situation we are in is far from ideal but, I am trying to get the most out of what is put in front of us, is keeping me positive throughout these weird times.