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Positively Balanced Conversations: Instant Single Mom

With Cassandra McCoy MAT, ATC, LAT, RYT & Monica P. Quinones M.B.A.

Monica P. Quinones, M.B.A. is an author, speaker, Certified Gallup® Coach, Realtor® and founder of Poised Success.  Poised Success is a consultancy that empowers and transforms women entrepreneurs and leaders in the areas of lifestyle, entrepreneurship, leadership, and real estate. Monica seeks to build people by sharing words of encouragement.  It is no surprise that she has taken the time to share her trauma to bring hope to others. Monica lives in Arlington, Virginia.


Conversation notes:

2:00 About Monica’s story and WHY she wrote her book

5:30 The real raw conversation we have with ourselves through the grieving process

7:30 The process of overcoming struggles and unforeseen circumstances (such as COVID19)

8:24 The beginnings of something new and your future story

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Identity as a Mom: Finding Your Flow

Video by Jessica Wilkerson CPT, PN1; Keli Kirwin PICD; & Cassandra McCoy MS, ATC, LAT, RYT

In this Conversation, Cassandra McCoy chats with Jessica Wilkerson CPT, PN1 and Keli Kirwin PICD about the journey of finding your identity and flow as a mother. Each of our identities and “flows” are unique to us. Also, as we discuss in this conversation, it evolves over time. Join in the conversation below by telling us how your identity and flow has changed of challenged you over the past few months!

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Let’s Talk about Poop & Hemorrhoids Shall We

by Jessica Wilkerson CPT, PN1; Cassandra McCoy MAT, LAT, ATC, RYT; Keli Kirwin PIDC

In this conversation, the Be HEaRd Contributors chat about poop & hemorrhoids. We give you our tips and tricks to help with constipation postpartum, healing and more! Plus just some honest, early morning, coffee drinking, and real girl talk. Enjoy!

Some the tips and tricks lasted in this conversation:

Magnesium Calm Drink:

Squatty Potty:

Breathing & Relaxation:

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